About VSF

204 West 10th Street, right off Bleecker Street
Telephone: 212-206-7236
Fax: 212-243-5850 

Established in 1983 in Greenwich Village, VSF is owned and operated by the partnership of Jack Follmer and Todd Rigby. Both of them were educated in the arts (Todd in painting and sculpture, Jack in photography).

We are a full-service florist handling gift orders, weddings, corporate and special events, etc. Our specialty is filling our clients' homes with beautiful fresh flowers as well as dried and silk arrangements. We are known for our colorful, voluptuous arrangements of the very best in seasonal blooms in unusual combinations.

We are proud of our unique store window arrangements. Attention to detail and awareness of surrounding themes ensure that our arrangements complement our clients' presentations.

Each day we purchase a wide variety of fresh flowers from Holland, South America and New Zealand. We strive to acquire flowers that are unique in style and color . While we create arrangements according to the requirements of our clients, we will always insure that the flowers we use are fresh and aesthetically pleasing. If a client requests a flower that is not available or does not meet our exacting standards, we suggest alternatives. All our arrangements are custom made; prices available on request.

Although we primarily serve Manhattan, our private clients include residents from Westchester to Palm Beach to Bel Air and beyond.